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[Noa has been out and about all day today, but not in her usual getting-into-everyone's-business way. Something has been steadily growing in the back of her mind and nagging at her, and today, she's intent on learning something new.

Heaven have mercy on you, Luceti Library. Noa is trying to teach herself how to read.

It's not going well.

None of the books she picks up are making any sense, and Terra can't seem to recognize any of the characters. And so, Noa's head is just starting to hurt. After several attempts to pull something off the shelves that will at least make some sense, she gives up. Time to try out the journals.]


[This is a plaintive tone coming over the journals.] Um. Hello? Is anybody there? Um. My name is Noa, and I was just wondering...

[Pause. How to ask this how to ask this. Aha!]

Is there anyone I can talk to so I can learn how to read? These books here at the library are really hard!
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[Luceti, today, there is a small redheaded girl stuck on the roof of the Welcome Center. She has no idea how she got up here, or who put this dress on her, or even where this place is, but she isn't too thrilled about it. Her grand idea of how to get down? Fly. Because hey, there's these wings, right? And they should work, right? And Terra hasn't said that it won't work, although there is a voice at the edge of Noa's mind trying to convince her to at least aim for a snow drift to jump into.

Not too long after she wakes up, Noa is perched on the ledge of the Welcome Center roof, flapping her arms and wings alike. And eyeing the ground. And counting down from five.

What do? Try to stop her? Watch and laugh? Encourage the jump?]


[Eventually, once she's down off the roof (and not in pieces, one hopes), Noa will be running around the village. And excitedly greeting everyone she runs into. Luceti, I hope you are prepared for a sunny smile and bright green eyes staring at you in wonder. And she will be anywhere and everywhere.]
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[Hope you didn't like those ear drums, Luceti, because there is a high-pitched scream blasting through the journals.] Cold! It's so cold here! Where are we, Terra? It's even colder than Buma and...

Wait! Vahn? Gala? Where are you? Ozma? Meta...?

...Where is everybody...?

We gotta find them, Terra!

...What do you mean you can't hear Meta?

But... They... They have to be close by, right? Come on, we gotta go look!

Geez, it's so cold! I hate this!

[And eventually, Noa will find her way back into the village (although not without wandering around several paths in the forest first). Don't mind her occasionally flailing excitedly at the buildings and glowing green from time to time. This is perfectly normal.

If she spots you in town, she WILL be barging over to say hello and ask you a million questions.]


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